enQuire BioReagents was founded by experts in the antibody industry. Our antibodies are better because we are researchers, just like you. We only sell products that have passed our rigorous validations and that we would use in our own experiments. From the best Immunohistochemistry antibodies based on multiple layers of validation to the most published, competitively priced antibodies for Flow Cytometry, enQuire BioReagents is a partner you can trust to supply specific, reproducible, sensitive antibody staining.

Mass Spec Antibody Validation Antibodies Tested against 20,000 Human Proteins™

You can’t test specificity by just looking at what an antibody binds. You also have to confirm what it doesn’t bind. We did that against 20,000 human proteins. Our data supported specificity will help you avoid costly, confounding antibody cross-reactivity problems.

Mass Spec Antibody Validation Mass-Spec Validated Antibodies – MS-QAVA™

We are the first company in the world to introduce Mass Spec antibody validation. Our Mass Spectometry based antibody validation process allows us to quantitatively measure antibody specificity because you rely on our claims of specificity in IHC. These antibodies are made in large lots in bioreactors ensuring high reproducibility and low levels of contaminants commonly resulting from traditional culture methods.

IHC Antibodies Immunohistochemistry Antibodies

Our Immunohistochemistry antibodies are the first products of their kind to receive Mass Spec validation. Each antibody is validated in at least one relevant tissue section and reviewed by independent clinical pathologists as well as by our own experienced team. As with our MS-QAVA™ mAbs, these antibodies are manufactured in large lots in bioreactors to ensure excellent specificity, sensitivity, and reproducibility. We are currently also undertaking unprecedented testing of these antibodies in protein arrays to confirm specificity and identify potential non-specific interactions.

Flow Cytometry Antibodies Flow Cytometry Antibodies

We carry the top published monoclonal antibodies for widely used cell markers for the research market. These antibodies are carefully conjugated and purified to ensure bright, specific signals and are repeatedly tested to ensure excellent performance on any instrumentation. Our Flow Antibodies are available in a wide array of conjugates including dyes for the 405nm violet laser as well as tandem dyes to facilitate bigger multicolor panels. Ask us about discounts on panels of 3 or more antibodies using the chat box below!

ELISA / CLIA / LFIA Antibodies ELISA and CLIA Tested Antibodies


Our ELISA/CLIA antibodies bring clinical level validation to our reagents. They are tested in dozens of unique samples and compared to the leading diagnostic tests for important clinical targets. These reagents are suitable for research use or may be used as components for in vitro diagnostic (IVD) kits following additional regulatory testing and submittal by the purchaser. These are guaranteed to be the highest quality ELISA antibodies you’ve ever purchased. Substantial bulk discounting is available for clinical users and IVD manufacturers.

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