enQuire BioReagents was founded to address the major issue facing researchers selecting a recombinant protein.  Should we buy an expensive high quality protein, or accept a recombinant protein that may be improperly folded or synthesized incorrectly (wrong host, wrong sequence, poorly purified, etc.). We compare activity and performance of our proteins to major competitors to ensure we’re supplying the best proteins at prices to stretch your research budget.

Bioactive ProteinsBioActive Proteins

These should be your first choice for cell culture or in vivo applications. Many of our proteins are tested in relative biological contexts to confirm activity. Activity assays, when appropriately specific, represent the highest form of validation of appropriate synthesis of a protein. Positive bioactivity demonstrates appropriate post-translational modification and folding of the protein. Our bioactive proteins are manufactured and validated to the highest standards. Each recombinant bioactive protein is tested in a suitable assay using appropriate cell lines, proteins or reagents to test the activity of the protein. Learn more by clicking here.

Other Recombinant Proteins

Many proteins have been expressed but not yet tested for biological activity.  These proteins are a great choice for immunizations, assays, or other biological applications. We express recombinant proteins in a variety of hosts from E. Coli to Mammalian systems to optimize yield (which equates to lower price) and function. Most recombinant proteins can be ordered in a variety of tagged and non-tagged forms.