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We are researchers with years of experience in both academic and industry research settings. We founded this company because we want to create a new alternative for innovative, entrepreneurial researchers. What if researchers were not only given the means to make new discoveries, but also to reap the rewards from those discoveries?

It seems crazy that a question like that even has to be asked. However, today most researcher’s work is owned and controlled by the institutions they work at. To us, the person who generates the idea should maintain a role in how that idea evolves. They should help bring it all the way to market, and revenue generated by that technology should return to the innovator to fund other great ideas.

Everything we are doing today is to acheive one GREAT BIG GOAL: Creating a new place where life science researchers can do their work, get paid while they do it, and then, have some real control of any discoveries they make.


We’re privately owned and we are committed to funneling all our rescources in to this idea. We will expand our labs, bring on researchers solely devoted to their own work, and demonstrate feasibility. We know science takes time – we’re scientists too. For the researcher, this means salary and research support. It also means business guidance and a team to support commercialization. And the idea? The people who made that discovery will retain at least a 50% stake which ensures a role in the final outcome for the technology.


There’s a million details in an idea like this. But Visions are about being inspired. They’re about what gets us up in the morning, excited for the challenges ahead. This is about making the world a better place. So the only question left is, Why not?

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