Anti-BrdU Monoclonal Antibodies for IHC

We carry the top published clones for IHC.

There are numerous Anti Bromodoxyuridine (BrdU) monoclonal antibodies that have been used in publications. BrdU is a thymadine analog that is added to proliferating cells.  It is incorporated into DNA of dividing cells and an Anti-BrdU antibody can then be used to measure cell proliferation. Several highly published clones including BRD469 and BRD494, SPM537, BU20a, MoBu-1, and 85-2C8 performed acceptably in our assays. We recommend piloting multiple clones to determine which will work best in your assay. Take 10% off your entire order when you buy more than one Anti-BrdU antibody with code BrdU10.

Why are these better than the same clones from other vendors?

All of our anti-BrdU antibodies are produced in bioreactors to reduce the amount of non-immune Ig present in our products. Non-immune Ig is derived from ascites or serum in traditional hybridoma culture.  It may represent as much as 50% of antibody you are sold, but doesn’t bind BrdU. Instead, it reduces sensitivity, specificity and reproducibility.

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