Primary Antibodies

Mass Spec Antibody Validation

enQuire BioReagents was founded by experts in the antibody industry. We produce or carry only the highest quality antibodies available on the market. From the best Immunohistochemistry antibodies based on multiple layers of validation; to the finest Flow Cytometry antibodies, enQuire BioReagents is a source you can trust for your antibody needs.

Mass Spec Antibody ValidationMass-Spec Validated Antibodies – MS-QAVA

We are the first company in the world to introduce Mass Spec antibody validation. Our Mass Spectometry based antibody validation process allows us to confirm with the highest levels of confidence that our antibodies bind the epitope of the protein we made them against.

IHC AntibodiesImmunohistochemistry Antibodies

Our Immunohistochemistry antibodies are the first products of their kind to receive Mass Spec validation. Each antibody is validated in at least one relevant tissue section and reviewed by independent histologists. The IHC antibodies we sell are superior because theyare made in large bio-reactor lots.

Flow Cytometry AntibodiesFlow Cytometry Antibodies

We have worked with the world authorities on Flow Cytometry both on the antibody and instrument side to ensure that we carry only the best and most relevant Flow Cytometry Antibodies to the research market.  Our Flow Antibodies are available in the widest array of conjugates currently available.


Our ELISA/CLIA/LFIA antibodies bring clinical validation to research use only reagents. These are guaranteed to be the highest quality ELISA antibodies you’ve ever purchased.