Bioactive Proteins

enQuire BioReagents was founded by experts in the research protein industry. We believe proteins should be identical from batch to batch. Each protein should have a verified sequence, purity and endotoxin level. Each bioactive protein should work exactly as described, every time you order it. When you buy your recombinant protein from enQuire, you will never have to second-guess your experiment.

Bioactive ProteinsBioActive Proteins

Our biologically active proteins are manufactured and validated to the highest standards. Each recombinant bioactive protein is tested in a suitable assay using appropriate cell lines, proteins or reagents to test the activity of the protein.
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Recombinant ProteinsRecombinant Proteins

Our recombinant proteins are available in several different expression systems, including E.coli, Yeast and mammal. Most recombinant proteins can be ordered in a variety of tagged and non-tagged forms.