Anti-CD63 Monoclonal Antibodies and CD63 Recombinant Proteins.

Identical anti-CD63 clones are not the same antibodies!

All of our anti-human and anti-mouse CD63 antibodies are produced in bioreactors to reduce the amount of non-immune Ig present in our products. Non-immune Ig is derived from ascites or serum in traditional hybridoma culture.  It may represent as much as 50% of antibody you are sold, but doesn’t bind the correct target. It just reduces sensitivity, specificity and reproducibility.

CD63 Recombinant proteins too.

If you need to use CD63 as an immunogen, you need a high purity CD63 recombinant protein as a protein standard, or you want high quality CD63 for other applications in your lab, we supply recombinant CD63 at upwards of 90% purity starting at $88.  Every lot of our recombinant proteins is re-tested and the SDS-PAGE data is displayed on the product page for purity you can see for yourself.  Click on a specific product for more information.

CD63 Antibody Clone NKI/C3 LAMP3/968    
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