enQuire’s Vision

We have big dreams… Maybe too big.


What if researchers were not only given the means to make new discoveries, but also to reap the rewards from those discoveries?

It seems crazy that a question like that even has to be asked. Today, most researcher’s work is owned and controlled by the institutions for whom they labor. And for good reason – new discoveries don’t come cheap!

But enQuire wants to change the paradigm. Everything we are doing today is to acheive one GREAT BIG GOAL: Creating a new place where life science researchers can do their work, get paid while they do it, and then, become the PRIMARY beneficiary of any discoveries they make.


enQuire’s success will become the research world’s success. We’re privately owned and we are committed to funneling all our rescources in to this idea. We already have small labs. We can make them bigger. We can get better tools. And then, someday soon, we will bring on board our first researcher solely devoted to their own work. We’ll pay for all their research and give them a living wage. We know science takes time – we’re scientists too. Their ideas don’t have to generate income. But if and when they do? The people who made that discovery will retain 50% of the net income from the commercialization of the idea – FOREVER.


There’s a million details in an idea like this. But Visions are about being inspired. They’re about what gets us up in the morning, excited for the challenges ahead. This is about making the world a better place. So the only question left is, Why not?

Short-Term (2-5 Years):
enQuire BioReagents is already at work on a new type of assay with 90 second measurement of target concentration with no washing.  We have a working prototype, but scaling up to market needs is beyond our funding abilities right now. If you are interested in helping us achieve this next step, please contact us.
Long-Term (5-10 Years):
enQuire wants to be the launching pad for other great ideas. We intend to provide an environment (office and laboratory) and funding for researchers who’s ideas we believe can significantly impact the life-science research community. We want to be an incubator of sorts, but at enQuire, the lead investigator will always maintain a large portion of any revenue generated from their ideas.

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