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What Sets Our IHC Antibodies Apart

Our monoclonal antibodies for immunohistochemistry (IHC) are sourced from the best in the business: NeoBiotechnologies. Although you may not be familiar with NeoBiotechnologies, we will outline what sets them apart from other companies and why we chose them as a partner for our IHC monoclonal antibodies. We believe you will see and understand the difference, when you get to know these exceptional antibodies. NeoBiotechnologies Logo
  • Manufactures, validates and controls 100% of their product line.
    • NeoBiotechnologies’ founder has been focused on IHC for over 20 years. Many of the clones you’re already familiar with are owned by NeoBiotechnologies.
  • Focused on true, high-quality IHC validation.
    • During monoclonal development, following screening of 1000 clones for appropriate specificity, all antibodies graduate to rigorous IHC testing. IHC testing is always performed in a relevant, normalor disease-state tissue sample for the given target. No generalized IHC staining against irrelevant tissues, ever.
    • All data generated via IHC testing is reviewed by multiple highly experienced pathologists and the best clones are selected for release.  The validation you see will stand up to the scrutiny of even the most critical pathologist’s eye.
  • Monoclonals are made in bioreactors and purified. Why bioreactors?
    • Traditional monoclonal antibody manufacture is done either in ascites or standard hybridoma cell culture.  Ascites based manufacture is also inhumane.
    • Both Ascites and standard cell culture produce products contaminated with as much as 50% non-immune Ig.  This essentially halves the concentration of the antibody you’re using.
    • Bioreactors are able to produce very large lots of monoclonals in a controlled environment with greatly reduced serum concentrations and hence much less other Ig. This means greater sensitivity, less variability, and the ability to produce large bulk quantities.
  • Continuous improvement.
    • NeoBiotechnologies runs 400 – 500 IHC slides every week, looking for the best antibodies and re-validating new production lots.
    • New recombinant monoclonals are now being produced at a rate of 10 per month.
  • A broad selection of targets and the best known clones in the industry.
    • Growth factors, cellular structure markers, disease-state markers, IHC clone cocktails, owners of the well-known SPM clone lines, all of it owned, maintained and produced in-house.
    • Breast cancer antibodies, prostate cancer antibodies, bladder cancer antibodies, lung cancer antibodies, melanoma, lymphoma, etc.

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IHC Antibodies

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IHC Antibodies Details