Mouse Anti-Ly-6G Antibody [RB6-8C5]

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Species: Mouse
Tested Applications: Flow Cytometry
Available Conjugates: APC ;Unconjugated ;Biotin ;FITC ;PE ;PE-Cy7 ;Qfluor 710 ;V450
Isotype: Rat IgG2b kappa
Mass Spec Validated?: Not MS Validated

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Datasheets and Documentation
Product Datasheet
SKU: QAB77-APC-25ug
Ly-6G General Information
Alternate Names
Curated Database and Bioinformatic Data
Gene SymbolLy6c1
Entrez Gene ID17067
Ensemble Gene IDENSMUSG00000079018
RefSeq Protein Accession(s)NP_001238987, NP_034871, NP_001238986, NP_001238985, XP_006520584, NP_001238984
RefSeq mRNA Accession(s)NM_001252055, NM_001252057, NM_001252056, NM_010741, XM_006520521, NM_001252058
RefSeq Genomic Accession(s)NC_000081
UniProt ID(s)Q8C2D8, P09568, A0A087WRG9, P0CW02, A0A087WNZ5, Q58E40
UniGene ID(s)Q8C2D8, P09568, A0A087WRG9, P0CW02, A0A087WNZ5, Q58E40
Cosmic ID(s)Ly6c1
KEGG Gene ID(s)mmu:17067
General Description of Ly-6G.
The RB6-8C5 antibody binds to mouse Ly-6G, commonly known as Gr-1, a member of the Ly-6 superfamily of GPI-anchored cell surface proteins with roles in cell signaling and cell adhesion. Gr-1 is differentially expressed during development and maturation of cells in the myeloid lineage and is expression at varying stages and levels on monocytes, macrophages, granulocytes, and peripheral neutrophils. In the mouse, the RB6-8C5 antibody is typically used in combination with the macrophage labeling antibody M1/70 (Anti-CD11b) for phenotypic analysis of monocytes, macrophages and granulocytes.Note: The RB6-8C5 antibody has been reported to cross-react with Ly-6C on cells expressing this antigen (Fleming et al. 1993. J. Immunol. 151:2399-2408 and Sasmono et al. 2007. J. Leukoc. Biol. 82: 111-123) and has been cited in the literature for identification of Ly-6G/Ly-6C. Other reports suggest that this antibody is specific for Ly-6G, without cross-reactivity for Ly-6C (Nagendra S. and Schlueter AJ. 2003. Cytometry A, 58(2): 195-200.

Mouse Anti-Ly-6G Antibody Product Attributes

Species: Mouse
Tested Applications: Flow Cytometry.
Application Notes: See Product Datasheet for Recommended Dilution Range. Requires Experimental Optimization
Clonality: Monoclonal Antibody
Anti-Ly-6G Antibody Clone: RB6-8C5
Clone RB6-8C5 Host and Isotype: Rat IgG2b kappa
Buffer and Stabilizer: 10 mM NaH2PO4, 150 mM NaCl, 0.09% NaN3, 0.1% gelatin, pH7.2
Antibody Concentration: 0.2 mg/mL
Storage Conditions: 2-8C protected from light. Stable for 12 Months. Do Not Freeze.

Ly-6G Previously Observed Antibody Staining Patterns

Selected References

Berent-Maoz B, Montecino-Rodriguez E, Signer RAJ, and Dorshkind K. 2012. Blood. 199:5715-5721. (Flow cytometry)von Bruhl M-L, Stark K, Steinhart A, et al. 2012. J. Exp. Med. 209: 819-835. (Intravital fluorescent microscopy - video)Le HT, Tran VG, Kim W, Kim H, Cho HR, and Kwon B. 2012. J. Immunol. 189:287-295. (in vivo neutrophil depletion)Doring Y, Soehnlein O, Drechsler M, Shagdarsuren E, Chaudhari SM, Meiler S, Hartwig H, Hristov M, Koenen RR, Hieronymus T, Zenke M, Weber C, and Zernecke A. 2012. Arterioscler. Thromb. Vasc. Biol. 32: 1613-1623. (in vivo depletion)Hickman HD, Li L, Reynoso GV, Rubin EJ, Skon CN, Mays JW, Gibbs J, Schwartz O, Bennink JR, and Yewdell JW. 2011. J. Exp. Med. 208: 2511-2524. (Immunohistochemistry - OCT embedded frozen tissue) Wang T, Tian L, Haino M, Gao J-L, Lake R, Ward Y, Wang H, Siebenlist U, Murphy PM, and Kelly K. 2007. Infect. Immun. 75(3):1144-1153. (Immunohistochemistry - zinc fixed tissue)Nutt SL, Metcalf D, D’Amico A, Polli M, and Wu L. 2005. J. Exp. Med. 201:221-231. (Immunomagnetic bead depletion)Whiteland JL, Nicholls SM, Shimeld C, Easty DL, Williams NA, and Hill TJ. 1995. J. Histochem. Cytochem. 43:313-320. (Immunohistochemistry - frozen tissue, paraffin embedded tissue)Fleming TJ, Fleming ML, and Malek TR. 1993. J. Immunol. 151:2399-2408. (in vitro blocking, immunoprecipitation)

Limitations and Warranty

enQuire Bio's Mouse Anti-Ly-6G Monoclonal is available for Research Use Only. This antibody is guaranteed to work for a period of two years when properly stored.

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