SDS-PAGE separation of QP8817 followed by commassie total protein stain results in a primary band consistent with reported data for HLA-DQA1. These data demonstrate Greater than 80% as determined by SDS-PAGE.

Recombinant Human HLA-DQA1 Protein

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SKU: QP8817
Species: Human
Available Tags: His
Host: E. coli
Purity: Greater than 80% as determined by SDS-PAGE.
Length (Amino Acids): 190

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Recombinant Human HLA-DQA1 Protein General Information
Alternate Names
DQ-A1; HLA-DQA; CELIAC1; HLA class II histocompatibility antigen, DQ alpha 1 cha
Curated Database and Bioinformatic Data
Gene SymbolHLA-DQA1
Entrez Gene ID3117
Ensemble Gene IDENSG00000196735
RefSeq Protein Accession(s)NP_002113.2
RefSeq mRNA Accession(s)NM_002122.3
UniProt ID(s)P01909
UniGene ID(s)Hs.387679
KEGG Gene ID(s)hsa:3117
PharmGKB ID(s)PA35066
General Description of Recombinant Human HLA-DQA1 Protein.
Binds peptides derived from antigens that access the endocytic route of antigen presenting cells (APC) and presents th on the cell surface for recognition by the CD4 T-cells. The peptide binding cleft accommodates peptides of 10-30 residues. The peptides presented by MHC class II molecules are generated mostly by degradation of proteins that access the endocytic route, where they are processed by lysosomal proteases and other hydrolases. Exogenous antigens that have been endocytosed by the APC are thus readily available for presentation via MHC II molecules, and for this reason this antigen presentation pathway is usually referred to as exogenous. As mbrane proteins on their way to degradation in lysosomes as part of their normal turn-over are also contained in the endosomal/lysosomal compartments, exogenous antigens must compete with those derived from endogenous components. Autophagy is also a source of endogenous peptides, autophagosomes constitutively fuse with MHC class II loading compartments. In addition to APCs, other cells of the gastrointestinal tract, such as epithelial cells, express MHC class II molecules and CD74 and act as APCs, which is an unusual trait of the GI tract. To produce a MHC class II molecule that presents an antigen, three MHC class II molecules (heterodimers of an alpha and a beta chain) associate with a CD74 trimer in the ER to form a heterononamer. Soon after the entry of this complex into the endosomal/lysosomal syst where antigen processing occurs, CD74 undergoes a sequential degradation by various proteases, including CTSS and CTSL, leaving a small fragment termed CLIP (class-II-associated invariant chain peptide). The roval of CLIP is facilitated by HLA-DM via direct binding to the alpha-beta-CLIP complex so that CLIP is released. HLA-DM stabilizes MHC class II molecules until primary high affinity antigenic peptides are bound. The MHC II molecule bound to a peptide is then transported to the cell mbrane surface. In B-cells, the interaction between HLA-DM and MHC class II molecules is regulated by HLA-DO. Primary dendritic cells (DCs) also to express HLA-DO. Lysosomal microenvironment has been implicated in the regulation of antigen loading into MHC II molecules, increased acidification produces increased proteolysis and efficient peptide loading.

Human HLA-DQA1 Recombinant Protein Product Attributes

Product Type: Recombinant Protein
Recombinant HLA-DQA1 based upon sequence from: Human
Host: QP8817 protein expressed in E. coli.
Tag: His
Protein Construction: A DNA sequence encoding the Homo sapiens (Human) HLA-DQA1, was expressed in the hosts and tags indicated. Please select your host/tag option, above.
Application Notes: Please contact us for application specific information for QP8817.
Bioactivity Data: Untested
Full Length? Extracellular Domain
Expression Region: Glu24 - Glu213
Purity: Greater than 80% as determined by SDS-PAGE.
Reconstitution Instructions:
Concentration of Human HLA-DQA1 Protein:
Endotoxin Levels: Not determined.
Buffer: Tris-based buffer, 50% glycerol
Storage Conditions: Store at -20C to -80C.

Limitations and Performance Guarantee

This is a life science research product (for Research Use Only). This product is guaranteed to work for a period of two years when stored at -70C or colder, and one year when aliquoted and stored at -20C.

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Recombinant Human HLA-DQA1 Protein