Femto Chemiluminescent Substrate [WB]

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Species: Mouse
Tested Applications: Flow Cytometry, immunoprecipitation
Available Conjugates: Unconjugated
Isotype: Golden Syrian Hamster IgG
Mass Spec Validated?: Not MS Validated

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Femto Chemiluminescent Substrate for WB Product Attributes

Tested Applications: Western Blot, Immunoblotting.
Overview: enQiure BioReagent’s Femto Chemiluminescent Substrate for HRP blotting and membrane applications such as Western Blot and Immunoblotting is guaranteed to have the same or higher signal, lower background and cost less than the most popular similar HRP chemiluminescent substrates on the market. Our Femto Chemiluminescent HRP detection substrate is:

  1. Low femto-detection range optimized.
  2. Industry leading signal to noise ratio
  3. Very stable: 18 month shelf life. Working stock stable for 7 days at 30C and 30 days at 4C
  4. Simple: Two reagent bottles, two steps to use. Identical to similar substrates you’re likely already using.
Storage Conditions: 2-8C protected from light. Stable for 18 Months. Do Not Freeze.
MSDS: Please contact us for product MSDS.


  1. Mix equal parts Substrate A and Substrate B in a volume sufficient to cover your membrane or gel and allow to come up to room temperature. (The mixed reagent is stable for 7 days at RT.
  2. Wait 1 – 30 minutes and visualize your bands, dots, membrane or gel using the visualization method best suited.
  3. There are no other steps! It’s that easy. But if you need help, we’re here for you! Just email: Technical@enquirebio.com

Limitations and Warranty

enQuire Bio’s Femto Chemiluminescent Substrate for Western Blot is available for Research Use Only. This product is guaranteed to work for a period of 18 months when properly stored.

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Femto Chemiluminescent Substrate [WB]